Details Of The Ways A Laptop or Notebook Computer Could Be Upgraded

Generally, whenever a computer user buys a brand new laptop not much though is usually given to their future requirements. The laptop purchased may end up not being fast enough or not having enough storage capacity.

Consideration is given to some of the limited upgrades that can be applied to the typical laptop.

The upgradeability of any make and model of laptop is fairly dependant upon the manufacturer’s design, some are almost not upgradeable at all whereas others can be upgraded almost as much as a desktop pc.

Usually the hard disk drive can be upgraded; it is normally located inside a door on the underneath of the laptop or slides into the edge of case. Usually, you are able to remove the old drive and easily insert a larger unit, however, be careful to use the correct type of hard disk as the interface varies. A number of laptops and many netbooks make use of a solid state hard disk drive, this often cannot be easily upgraded as it is either part of the motherboard or is incredibly difficult to get to inside the laptop.

Upgrading the RAM is normally the first upgrade that a laptop user will consider. It is relatively simple since most laptops possess a small screwed door under the case where an additional RAM chip can be inserted. Sometimes, where there are two RAM sockets, both may already be occupied. If that is the case then both should be removed and either one or two larger capacity chips installed.

You may want to increase the core speed of the laptop by upgrading the CPU chip, however, this isn’t usually a simple job. The chip will often be located deep inside the laptop so the only way to get to it is to deconstruct the laptop to access the motherboard. Occasionally, the existing CPU will probably be soldered onto the laptop motherboard so making an upgrade a lot more difficult.

The video chip can rarely be upgraded unless the laptop manufacturer has created a separate video board connected to the motherboard via a socket. Video cards will almost always be very expensive and must be exactly matched with the variety of laptop, so this upgrade may not worthwhile.

If you want a quicker WI-FI connection then an upgrade of this card may be necessary. Generally, this is easy and cheap, but some makes of laptop make access difficult by placing it under the keyboard instead of a door underneath.

Think very carefully and do your research before purchasing a laptop as upgrades are always expensive and are not always possible for many makes and models. Laptops are normaly more upgradeable than netbooks though if you require full upgradeability then maybe a desktop computerought to be considered.

Graham Kelly is an expert at repairing broken and damaged laptops and USB RAM drives at Trilogic UK Ltd. He has spent over 30 years in the electronics industry specializing in electronic design and repair. He has written many articles relating to laptop and notebook faults to aid users diagnose and possibly attempt simple laptop repairs by themselves where appropriate. He is always happy to offer technical advice and can be contacted at Trilogic’s web site for laptop repairs or USB flash drive recovery.

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