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You still buy a laptop for their own to worry about it? So please pay attention to Sina laptop part for everyone to bring a day of eight popular notebook now. They may be among the most selling light of this, there may be a very high cost notebook, or a high-end business book, or a top video this. In short, our aim is to make you spend the least money, buy the most suited to their notebooks, with the view of today we are under the eight models we recommend it.

Laptop news:

Eight hot today from ASUS Core i7 of the high lead with the A40, i7-740QM, with the HD5470 series of graphics cards, while the retail price is only 685USD, is worth everyones attention. There are also low-end entry laptop HP Compaq 51, cost-effective than the well; 11.6 inches licensed sale of 1120USD a new MacBook Air; equipped with the new processor i3-390M and a price of Lenovo Y460 Sony EA46EC. Look at it under the following details:

ASUS A40JR is a new listing of a face in the mainstream student population of the notebook, equipped with the i7 processor high, and now offer are listed for only 725USD, original gift bag, mouse, keyboard membrane, mouse pads, cleaning tools, screen film, is currently on the market the most cost-effective full-function products. ASUS A40JR addition to the processor at this price point come out on top, its independence was adopted HD5470 with 1GB of dedicated graphics memory, 320GB hard drive and the other equipped with 2G DDR3 1066 memory, the overall performance profile as well, is the low-cost notebook market low-quality cost-effective than the i7 models, like a friend might pay more attention.
Appearance, A40JR using plastic material, the use of cover and palm rest Imprint Printing technology, the horizontal stripes look fine, it is extremely personalized long Laptop battery life; using a 14-inch 16:9 LCD screen, maximum support resolution 1366 768 pixels. Configuration, the ASUS A40JE notebook uses Intel Core i7-740QM eight-threaded quad-core processor, the nominal frequency of 1.73GHz, with the Intel motherboard chipset HM55, with 1G memory of the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics card; standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 320GB hard drive, built-in DVD burner, the whole configuration is in vgp-bps8 battery,Panasonic VW-VBG130 Battery,Toshiba Pa3356u-3bas Battery

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