Keep You Notebook Clean
You probably remember from science lessons that one of the things about moving hot dry air is that it quickly builds up a static charge in objects around it. When this happens inside your laptop any particles of dust or dirt that pass through the air intake grills will stick as if it had been glued to the inside surfaces.As the particles do this, they begin to build-up an insulating layer that stops the cooling system from working. This insulation is so effective that it can cause serious overheating problems quite quickly. Again, the solution is obvious: clean the cooling system out and then keep it clean.Doing this is an easy procedure and it doesnt need you to dismantle your machine or to do anything that will invalidate your warranty. You need two things: 1. An aerosol air duster (available from all good PC Stores).2. A vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool.The procedure is quite simple:1. Make sure that the cheap laptop is switched off and disconnected from any power source before you begin.2. Use the air duster to dislodge the dust by blowing through the intake grills and exhaust ports.3. At the same time suck the loose dust up with the vacuum cleaner. 
This should be all that is needed in most cases. However, some machines, like my Acer Laptop, have an easy to remove cover over the cooling fan. Taking this off can provide better access to the cooling fan and that can make a difference if it is badly clogged. You should check to see what removing this panel will do to your warranty, and you must take care because some sensitive components may be exposed to damage. Repeat this process every three months or so to keep your laptops cooling system in good working order without the need of a powered cooling tray or any other special gadget.
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