The Pink Notebook Trend

The trend of pink notebooks is a rather new one as it is related to some other changes on the laptop market. Five years ago notebooks were mainly used by business people and some other technology lovers. They were used by people that wanted to be mobile with their computers and were willing to pay more to have a laptop computer.

The status of notebooks changed. The hardware of mobile computers got cheaper and this made it possible for notebooks to conquer new niches. One of the key events had been the Nicholas Negroponte’s “One Laptop Per Child” project in 2005. Asus picked up this idea developed the “Asus Eee PC 700” the first so called “Netbook”. This mini notebook computer had cheaper hardware but was good enough to surf in the internet, do office jobs and watch movies. By excluding an optical storage as well it got very cheap, small and ultra mobile. Nearly all big laptop manufacturers started to develop their own mini notebook computer.

With this much more affordable netbooks, mobile computing was more interesting for many more people. The focus was no longer on the performance or the specifications. All this small laptop computers have about the same performance and for this the main difference is now the way they look. The mini notebook computers are something that you carry around with you and for this you want to identify with it. It is no longer only a computer it is a fashion statement and lifestyle item and you want to be recognized with it. For this the laptop industry is now willing to bring a lot more fashion into the notebook market. One niche that stands out are sexy pink notebooks that are especially designed for the female taste.

With pink notebooks out, a new big market opened up accessories. There is now a high demand for ladies laptop bags which include pink laptop bags and as well other designer laptop bags. A big change comes with the pink notebook and the pink netbook, it is no longer used only for work or education, it became an item of fashion a lifestyle.

Shamina Power is a Student from Munich Germany. She is crazy about pink electronic widgets especially mobile computers.
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