Ultrathin Laptop notebook

If you think that MacBook laptops are the only ultrathin laptops that ever existed, visit dinodirect.com and take a look at a variety of ultrathin laptop notebooks featured there. If you think laptop notebooks are not as good as the ordinary size laptops, think again. One ultrathin laptop notebook featured in that site is the Ultrathin 13.3inch Atom N450 CPU 1.66Hz RAM 2GB HDD 250GB Notebook with Bluetooth. If you only wish to own a laptop notebook for word processing, spreadsheets, net surfing, and data transferring purposes, this would do best for you. Aside from the given specifications, it also has a multi-card slot that is compatible with SD, MMC, and MS. Also, two USB ports are available for external gathering of data. It is also capable of 3G support and has a SIM card slot. The video memory is 128M. For your net surfing and chatting needs, a webcam and a MIC, and earphone slot is also included. For the size, it only measures 13.4 inches for the width, 9.2 inches for the dimension, and 1.0 inch for the thickness. What’s more, it will only cost you $ 411.82 for all these features. This unit is also available at different memory capacities such as 320GB and 160GB. The features are all the same. The only difference is the memory capacity. Also, if the memory capacity is higher or lower, the price also changes. For the 320GB memory capacity, it will cost you $ 607.67 while the 160GB memory capacity only costs $ 387.84.

If you wish your laptop to live longer than a year or so, you must keep foods and drinks away from it. This is a common mistake to everyone. Spills can damage the components and food crumbs invite ants. If ants come inside the laptop, it can also chew on the wires.  Also, if you’re the type of person who uses laptop at long hours, don’t let it heat up. Buying a laptop cooler fan will help. Don’t shut the LCD display hard nor let other hard objects such as pens or anything sharp touch it. Lastly, do not drop not bump it elsewhere when carrying it around.

Above all, laptop notebooks are best for people who are always on the go yet have much work to do. These laptop notebooks are rated by previous customers with five out of five stars. With laptop notebooks, you’re free to travel around while doing the tasks assigned to you. Proper handling and maintenance will give your laptop a longer life and letting you do more work.



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