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Like beauty, like laptop, to a good body can not be achieved at the expense of strength can be to enjoy the good things really unpleasant when the frame-skipping, and now popular health, beauty books the same. And now the most popular with none other than Intel’s T6600, and SU7300, and they are not only a strong performance, low power consumption, body not bad, with their books Health America is no longer a dream.

Recommended products: Dell Inspiron Ling Yue 13z (Dell 0J268 battery)

Ling-Yue 13z Dell Inspiron notebook with 13.3-inch LED-backlit screen, a 1.3 million pixel integrated camera; body color standard for Yao Ishiguro, you can also choose a beautiful cherry red; with a fast charge feature four-cell lithium battery, battery life of up to 5 hours 09 minutes, can be within 60 minutes the battery charge to 80% capacity; machine less than 1 inch thick and weighs only 1.79 kilograms.

Configuration, Dell Inspiron Ling Yue 13z (Dell 1k090 battery) notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor, Intel GS45 chipset, NVIDIA GeForce G105M independent graphics card; have 2GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB hard drive, 8X tray loading type DVD + / — RW drive; Dell Wireless 1397 802.11b / g Half Mini wireless card, Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth module; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit operating system.

Dell Inspiron Ling Yue 13z (Dell 2g248 battery) body thin portable notebook, Core 2 Duo processor + graphics card to ensure the basic performance requirements, and also built-in optical drive; Bluetooth, wireless, cameras are also a lot of additional features. Windows 7 to join the system to enhance the user interface, fast charging functions are easy to use travel.

Recommended products: Lenovo IdeaPad Y450A-TSI

In appearance, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y450A-TSI Notebook follows the Y550, Y650 series of shape molds, 6 prism pattern patchwork covering the body in the brown-black, leather texture of the roof material, coupled with orange undercut lines, with a very high texture, while with a 14-inch LED-backlit display, the whole weight of 2.2 kilograms.

In the configuration, the Lenovo 02K6618 laptop battery uses Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor (2.2GHz frequency), standard 2GB memory and 320GB hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M high-performance discrete graphics, Intel 5100 AGN wireless LAN, with camera, DOS system.

Recommended products: Toshiba Satellite M505

Appearance,Toshiba PA2487URN battery using Chi Yan red design, combined with membrane transfer technology to Xilian Addict patterns of monochrome panels to break the boring machine to make more Lin-Xuan luster, in the tranquil and elegant in the disclosed temperament; machine rounded smooth lines. With 14-inch LED-backlit screen, the screen frame has a 1.3 million pixel camera.

Configuration, the Toshiba pa3096u-1brs laptop battery with Core 2 Duo T6600 processor, Intel PM45 chipset; Standard 2GB DDR2 memory, 320GB hard drive, dual-layer DVD burner; equipped with 512MB DDR3 video memory ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card; Windows Vista Home Basic operating system pre-installed.

Toshiba Satellite M505 with Heat red appearance,Toshiba pa3399u-1bas battery is relatively more suitable for a female friend shopping. Configuration is more comprehensive, built-in biometric fingerprint reader, face recognition device, three-dimensional hard-disk protection, hard disk encryption and other functions, fully protect the safety of books.

Recommended products: ASUS UL80E73V-SL(laptop battery)

Appearance, Asus A32-V2 battery with a new suspension-type keyboard, key size and key spacing is more human nature, not only has the effect of water-proof dust-proof, look very stylish, everyday use, tap the keyboard has become a kind of enjoy 14.0 inches LED screen, built-in 300,000-pixel high-sensitivity camera, video communication is very convenient.

Configuration, the Asus a33-m9 battery uses Intel’s Ultra Low Voltage processor, Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, built-in DVD burner; equipped with NVIDIA GeForce G 210M and Intel GMA X4500 graphics pairs designed according to demand random switching, and more energy-saving; machine pre-loaded with Windows Vista Home Basic operating system; battery 8-cell lithium batteries, bringing remarkable endurance.

ASUS UL80E73V-SL notebook design fashion,Asus c22-r2 battery using the Intel CULV platform to support the power management software, can bring a longer standby time. Two graphics is another feature, while the aircraft is also equipped with a 8-cell lithium battery, has provided a guarantee for the ultra-long standby.

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