Solving problems on a laptop battery does not charge

Laptop battery can not charge for several reasons, including the following.

1.Your VGN-FZ130E battery is bad.

2. The laptop power adapter is bad.

3.The computer motherboard may be bad.

If you do not konw how to solve the laptop battery problems,do what the below say.

1. Check the power supply is or is not bad. Disconnect the VGN-FZ160E battery from the laptop and turn on the computer is connected to the mains. If your laptop does not open, try another power supply to see if the first is broken. When the second process is not as good, the problem could be the circuit of the motherboard. Look for a certified computer technician to help solve the problem.

2. If the computer does not turn the power supply is in good condition and not causing the problem. In this case, you should try with a battery, the technical specifications of the laptops to welcome and appropriate. When the second battery works well, we can conclude that is broken first.
3. Determine if the problem is not caused by a software problem in this context. If the status of the laptop battery is incorrectly displayed when the software can assume that the software caused the problem and not really of the battery.

4. Separate power reset the device with the move to remove the VGN-FZ420E battery. Then the power button for a minute.
Then put the battery and AC adapter and restart the laptop. This method is to ensure that the motherboard is not more power they have, when the battery was reduced easily cause a  hiccup  in the system. That might solve the battery.

5. If the battery level indicator in each load reaches 96-98% complete, the laptop should be recalibrated for a new battery. An appropriate recalibration, the laptop should be configured to the Windows power management will be in hibernation or standby to ensure that, when the battery reaches a low level. For users of Windows XP, go to Control Panel Performance and Maintenance Power Options.  Power Schemes  to  Always On Set.  In the  Notifications , disable  Low VGN-FZ290EGB battery alarm  and  Critical battery alarm . The  hibernation  option  Sleep , and click Apply. This process can be a notebook battery is completely closed by the system to be drained. After restarting the network adapter in the slot and is left completely free. Sometimes the cycle is repeated 2-3 times before reaching 100% in fact fully charged. The loading process must be at least 14 hours.

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