Solving the Problems in Laptops

Also the system may get unduly slowed down due to fragmentation of the data. All these things need adequate repair. The other problem that is commonly seen is that the cord of the laptop gets frayed because of frequent plugging and unplugging. This problem can be temporarily solved by placing a sticking tape on the damaged part. The other good and less ugly alternative is covering it with a sealant. Sealant not only acts to seal and cover the damaged part but also as an insulator to ward off any bad current. Always repair your cord in time to prevent any big and lasting damage. If the case of the laptop has broken or cracked somewhere you can easily fix it up with the help of putty and a knife. The putty will stay in place and give a smooth finish. You can paint the place later when the place has dried. Paint should match the color of the laptop.

Another problem that you may have to face is the crack in the case where LCD is attached. It’s a real warning because if you do not repair it in time it may lead to damaging the laptop to an extent that it may get divided into two parts. In such a case, place special hardware glue at the junction where it is broken. The hardware store will easily provide you with the glue. Keys of the keyboard may pull off due to rough handling they can be easily replaced with the new ones. If the fan of your laptop has failed or gone wrong you will have the complaint of overheating. Also the diagnosis is easy if you find that the fan has become very noisy or that your system has become too hot. Also you can see that the laptop shuts down suddenly and then restarts.

If this is your problem then the best solution to it is cleaning the grill of your fan. You can easily do it with the help of brushes or tooth picks. If this does not help, use a vacuum cleaner for the purpose. Sometimes the damage to the fan is beyond repair in this case plug off the power supply of your computer and put it upside down. With the help of the screwdriver remove the lower casing. Now locate the fan of your laptop. Once you have done it, unscrew it from its bed and replace it with a new one. Now place the lid back too and you can enjoy normal function of your laptop.

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