Dell LCD Screen Repair Guide
Accidents happen and we have no control over them! Unluckily, sometimes those accidents happen to our adored computers and laptops as well. It is often seen that laptops will have some objects dropped on them and it break the laptop screen. In other situations, the laptop itself is dropped just to pick it up with a broken laptop screen. Once the laptop screen is broken, the damage is irreversible. At this difficult time, you must consider some options, that is, to repair your laptop screen yourself and use the services of a local computer repair shop. This article is written for those bold dell laptop computer users who are not scared to repair small parts of their dell laptop such as delicate plastics and Dell LCD Screen. Note: An attempt to repair your any parts of your dell laptop (including Dell LCD Screen) may void your manufacturer warranty.

You can repair your broken Dell LCD Screen by replacing it with a new one. To repair your broken Dell LCD screen, you have to first remove the bezel. Bezel is basically a plastic frame surrounding your Dell Laptop Screen. Now remove the metal brackets holding your Dell Laptop Screen in place. After that, you have to remove the screen from the brackets. Now you must note down the model number and serial details of your Dell Laptop Screen. With this information, you can easily buy a replacement Dell Laptop Screen online at  The replacement Dell Laptop Screen will be delivered at your doorstep in just a couple of days. Once you got the replacement laptop screen, just disconnect the inverter cable from the inverter followed by disconnecting the data cable that goes from your Dell LCD Screen.  

After removing your broken laptop screen, you have to put the new laptop screen in its place. Don’t remove the plastic film as it is for the protection of your new Dell LCD Screen if the problem is solved by the transplant. Now just connect both wires into the new Dell Laptop Screen and turn on your laptop. Congratulations! Your replacement laptop screen is working well. Now you can remove the plastic film over the new Dell LCD Screen and start screwing it into the brackets on each side. Once the new Dell Laptop Screen is held in place by the brackets, it is the time to screw the brackets and into the back cover of your Dell Laptop.  Now finally, you can screw back the bezel.

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