Problem Solving Tips

Firstly let’s just say problems occur as a natural consequence of human life.

Often times, people get into deeper troubles when trying to solve problems. On a positive note, problems make one’s life exciting and these define a person’s character. One can take a positive view towards approaching his problems, but he should always face his problems in the right way.

Some people tend to block off their problems or hide and wait for these problems to disintegrate in thin air. Some people resort to the use of alcohol (or perhaps illegal drugs) to “forget” their problems. Perhaps drinking a couple of beers will help one think of a bright solution but it’s as far as drinking will take him. Implementing the plan to solve a problem requires additional elements.

Here are some tips on how to take on one’s problem and be able to effectively resolve it:

1. Use your observational skills

This basic step is thought in primary school and can be applied in the real-life scenario. Many people tend to forget this primary step in solving a problem.

Carefully observe the implications of a certain problem and try to infer on its possible causes. This move will give you a more comprehensive view of the whole scenario that is essential towards arriving at a holistic solution.

2. Dissect the problem and search for the root cause

Problems may present themselves as a consequence or the root of other problems. It is best that you target the main cause of the problem. This way, all the other problems that come along with it can be solved as well. Make sure that the problem that you are trying to address is the root and not the consequence. Problems are like weeds. Unless you take out the roots, these will just keep coming back to hunt you.

3. Maximize resources

Problems will vary in nature and therefore, the approaches will vary. However, problem solving will always involve the use of resources. Resources will not always refer to physical resources, but to one’s capacities in delivering results. Choose an approach that matches your resources.

4. Seek many choices

Always look at all the choices and alternatives available. Aristotle tells us that there should always be a third choice when addressing a problem. A problem is never exclusively in black or white. There will always be gray areas. If you only have two choices, think harder.

5. Maintain a positive attitude

Failure is bound to happen some times. However, when a problem is not solved, do not ever lose hope especially if you did your best. Some solutions are never meant to work or perhaps the problem will be solved by another individual. What matters most are the lessons that you will learn in trying to solve the said problem.

A journey contains experiences that can never be encountered in the destination. Life itself is a journey and troubles are part of this journey.

Losing one’s battles every once in a while is normal but you should always remember the lessons that you learn from each battle and come back stronger the next time around.

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