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Perpendicular recording technology contributed to

For notebook Hard disk , The ultra-small size greatly restricted the capacity of its own development. First of all notebook hard disks within the package, not a lot of numbers, the breakthrough single platter capacity becomes necessary. Single disc capacity increase means that firms increase R & D costs, which not only hard disk capacity can be improved, and which will create hard disk performance improved accordingly. Early stage of development in the hard drive upgrade Disk The storage density is very easy, but then it becomes more difficult.

Extends perpendicular recording density of hard disk storage unit

Perpendicular recording technology, publishing, makes the arrangement of longitudinal recording disk change from equilibrium with the disc surface perpendicular to the surface with the disc, so you can only put a field in the past (then a data bit) of space , the place the more vertical magnetic field, can be the same under the easy bit interval the data storage density. In perpendicular recording technology driven, single platter notebook hard drive capacity has increased to 250GB.

Disc 500GB notebook hard drive Western Digital introduced

Today, we received the data sent to test the western two-disc 500GB notebook hard drive serial port, which is we received a second 500GB notebook hard drive. Before sending measurement of the 500GB Hitachi hard drive, the difference between the two largest single platter capacity is also different. Hitachi as a three-disc, so its thickness of 12.5mm, while the Western two-disc standard of 9.5mm, can be used in the current mainstream Notebook In. The following paragraph would follow us to understand the characteristics of notebook hard drives it.

Western Digital 500GB laptop hard drive

look (click to enlarge)

Western Digital will now be re-classified its products, in general divided into three series: CaviarBlack Black Edition on behalf of high-performance products, CaviarBlue Blue Edition is a cost-effective as the main aspirations of the mainstream models, CaviarGreen green version is before the GreenPower series low-power, low noise and other environmental features. Disc 500GB notebook hard drive which is Blue Blue Edition.

Notebook Western Digital 500GB hard drive label Western Digital 500GB laptop hard drive

single platter capacity of up to 250GB, use double-disc, 4-head design, speed is 5400 rpm, support SATA3Gbps transmission, seek time is 12ms, a 8MB cache, and noise control in the 24-26 dB rooms. In addition, a product that uses Western Digital’s unique anti-vibration technology and IntelliSeek Shockguard Smart Seeker technology. Power consumption, standby power consumption 0.25W, read and write power consumption 2.5W; standby noise 24dB, seek noise 26dB. Standard thickness 9.5mm, weight about 117g.

Interface Western Digital 500GB laptop hard drive

Western Digital said it “in a more appropriate temperature environments, the drive runs very quiet.” This hard drive also uses Western Digital’s intelligent Seeker (IntelliSeek) technology, can reduce the idle time of transfer, which reduces power consumption, noise and vibration hard drive.

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