Common Repair Problems For ASUS Notebooks

Like with all laptops in the market, some ASUS notebook users have reported some problems from time to time. Occasionally there will be a dissatisfied customer who has a machine that is exhibiting recurring defects. While it is common knowledge that every brand out there has its share of problems, consumers like to know what they might expect from any electronics they are buying.  There are also cases of a number of machines that have design faults due to one reason or another.

Whatever the case may be, there is not a single manufacturer out there who can truthfully claim that all their products are 100 percent problem free. Knowing some of the common repair problem also offers important information for the manufacturers who are able to come up with new improved models. If several customers complain about the same issue, the manufactures are able to go back to the design to try and find out where the problem lies.

Some of the ASUS models have had issues with the hardware design, while others have problems with the firmware programming. Some budget notebooks, as well as some models of the business and gaming notebooks have had a number of issues reported by the users. One common repair issue that users have reported is the plastic hinges breaking after extensive use. This has been reported in the A8 model. The F3 model has exhibited issues with cracks on the keyboard bezel. Battery wear is another common complaint with some of the older models. The issue of overheating GPUs has been reported in some G1S models. While the cause is unclear, this problem has only affected some machines and it is suspected to be the result of faulty design in the cooling system of some components.

Another common problem has been reported with the M50S and M50V models, where some keyboards tend to lag. When the user presses some of the keys, they do not register, which affects the typing. This problem, though not common, is suspected to be caused by either firmware or software issues. Most users report that the problem diminishes with time.

Cases of blue screen have been reported by users of the C90S. Caused by certain brands of RAM, the issue is easily solved by replacing the RAM Sticks with those that are compatible with the models. While ASUS has acknowledged that some of the problems exist, they have not commented on others. The new models are of a much more superior quality as the company strives to correct some of the persistent defects.

Before buying a notebook, it is important to carry out research to avoid encountering some of the problems listed. Most of the ASUS models available are problem free and the users are happy with their purchases. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of every computer you buy, and reading consumer reviews is a good way to find out what other users are saying. The internet has many sites that have information and user feedback, and it is important to stay informed about the laptop you want to buy.

Knowing about the common repair issues can also help you distinguish which Asus notebook in Australia fits your needs. Ready to buy now?

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