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Key Features :
Full magnesium alloy chassis creates an incredibly strong, durable case for protecting your notebook from the rigors of daily mobile use.
Magnesium/aluminum display enclosure consists of an aluminum outer cover bonded to a magnesium-alloy substructure for exceptional strength and impact protection.
Anodized aluminum palm-rest surface provides an attractive, scratch-resistant working surface.
Metal alloy hinges with hardened steel pin axles are designed to withstand the stress of frequent opening and closing.
Reinforced metal pins and hooks fi rmly secure both halves of the notebook with a fourpoint lock-down mechanism when the lid is closed, helping protect your system from shock and side impacts.

HP EliteBook PCs are engineered to meet U.S. military standards for specifi c
environmental reliability tests (MIL-STD 810F).1 Our business-rugged notebooks are tested for performance at extreme temperatures and high altitudes, and subjected to punishing drops, bumps, and vibration. Wouldnâeuro™t you like to know your notebook can take a little punishment?

. HP DuraFinish
. Magnesium alloy support structure
. Metal alloy hinges
. Touch-sensitive controls
. Spill-resistant keyboard

. Business-rugged engineering
. HP DuraCase
º Full magnesium alloy chassis
º Magnesium/aluminum display enclosure
º Anodized aluminum palm-rest surface
º Metal alloy hinges
º Display latch with four-point lock down
. HP DuraFinish
. HP DuraKeys
. Touch-sensitive controls
. Spill-resistant keyboard

HP 3D DriveGuard helps protect the information on your hard drive from damage caused by bumps, drops, and shocks. A three-axis digital accelerometer senses sudden movement in any direction, which enables the system to park the drive head before impact. Mounting the drive securely to the notebook support structure provides additional passive protection from shock and vibration.

The Upgrade Bay with dual hard drive support makes it possible to replace the
standard optical drive with options such as a next-generation optical drive or
secondary hard drive. HP 3D DriveGuard extends its protection to the secondary
hard drive. The Upgrade Bay is available on all business, professional, and
workstation models, excluding ultra-light notebooks such as Hp HSTNN-DB02, Pavilion DV1000(Hp dv1000 battery).

RAID 1 Mirroring allows a notebook with dual hard drives to maintain duplicate
copies of all important dataâeuro”one copy on each drive. If either drive should fail,
the other would immediately take over without any impact on data integrity
or notebook performance. This protection is available for all professional and
workstation models, excluding ultra-light notebooks.
Solid State Drives are available as an alternatives to conventional hard drives on
some notebooks. Without any moving parts, solid-state drives virtually eliminate
mechanical delays and dramatically reduce the risk of system failure.

HP Batteries provide consistent, reliable, long-lasting performance by incorporating strict quality controls, extensive testing, and multiple redundant safety features.
HP Fast Charge recharges the primary battery to 90 percent of its full capacity
in 90 minutes, then diverts the charging current to a secondary battery (if one is
2 Because charging the last 10 percent takes the most time, this helps
you achieve a greater total charge on two batteries more quickly.
HP also offers a family of external batteries that provide best-in-class notebook
runtime. In combination with your primary battery, an optional HP Extended Life Battery or HP Ultra-Capacity Battery (sold separately) can extend your productivity for true all-day computing

Every new business notebook design is subjected to the HP Total Test
Processâeuro”95,000 hours and 50,000 steps. This comprehensive, rigorous testing
helps ensure superior quality and reliability in a wide range of applications and
operating environments.
. Drop, shock, and vibration testing
. Hard drive testing
. Keyboard and button testing
. Display panel testing
. Electrical testing
. Mechanical testing
. Environmental testing
. U.S. military reliability testing (MIL-STD 810F)

From design and development through production and testing and on into the workplaceâeuro”weâeuro™re alert for any opportunity to improve quality, and everything we learn goes into making the next generation of HP Business Notebook PCs the best it can be.

HP DuraFinish is a durable, scratch-resistant surface treatment that helps protect your notebookâeuro™s palm rest, display cover, and touchpad from daily use.
4 HP DuraKeys preserves the keysâeuro™ fi nish and printed characters, making your
keyboard 50 times more resistant to visible wear.
HP Panel Protection System uses a series of soft rubber pads to prevent accidental contact between the display and the keyboard deck when the notebook is closed.
Spill-resistant keyboard places a thin Mylar fi lm between the keyboard and the
critical, sensitive electronic components of your notebook, helping to guard against minor, accidental spills.
Touch-sensitive controls are intuitive, stylish, and durable, with a reliable solid-state design thatâeuro™s highly resistant to particles and moisture

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