Why Netbook Is Better
The 10″ laptop, better known as mini laptop or netbook, is now widely popular. If you are thinking whether to buy a Netbook or a laptop, this is the article for you. These computers might have a small screen, but they have a number of advantages.

The first advantage of a netbook is its portability. The screen of the device measures just 10 inches (25.4 cm). You might find the device inadequate for some applications but in some situations, the netbook is truly excellent. Those who travel a lot for them the 10″ laptop is like a blessing. Traditional laptops are heavy and they are difficult to carry. On the other hand, due to small size, netbook is much easier to carry. Most of the mini laptops come in at less than four pounds (1.8 kg).

Price is another matter of concern for which many people prefer a netbook over a laptop. The price that you pay for an economy laptop model, you can get the latest Netbook with better features and configuration with that price. Whether you are using a laptop or Netbook if it is having any problem you can get in touch with a remote PC support provider.

In terms of usability too, netbooks stand taller than laptop. The latest versions of the netbooks boast 250 GB storage capacity and this is much more than what the older laptop versions would have. The processor of the Netbook boasts lower and optimized clock speed and due to this reason it works faster and hassle free manner.

All the latest netbooks come with SSD which ensures faster and better performance. In terms of speed, storage and performance Netbook is better choice than laptop. Before buying the device you should also consider the kind of work you want to do on your system. If you are in the realm of high end programming or in 3D modeling, then the netbooks may not be the best choice for you. These devices also do not come with a DVD player/burner. So, you need to use an external drive in many cases.

On the other hand, netbooks are also much better than tablets. The first drawback is that tablet does not boast a physical keyboard so for the MS Office applications it is very difficult to perform operations smoothly. Price of Netbook is also much cheaper than tablet. Netbooks also use faster processors than tablets. So the users can enjoy better working experience. Netbooks also boast an Ethernet port and some of them also have a Gigabit Ethernet. Due to this reason, if there is any problem in the Wi-Fi, you can always plug in a network cable. But with tablet you will never get this facility.

Computer repair service companies offer remote PC support to the computer users to troubleshoot problems. Services are affordably priced and it is delivered round the clock.

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