Six Notebooks Notebook Winter Taboo

You asked me Chinese cabbage, radish and Notebook What is the relationship part? You know how winter cabbage notebook but you know how you weathered the winter? Use the following winter, and you talk about the top five notebook taboo.

One taboo! Do not use the notebook outdoors

Outdoor winter is not the first reason for using the notebook is cold will hurt notebook TFT screens, TFT screen, the best use of the general temperature of 40 degrees to 10 degrees over the temperature range of the color TFT screen becomes abnormal aging speed, if used in low temperature TFT screen can range from weight may appear dead pixel TFT screen is causing permanent damage. Northeast’s friends may have had experience, cell phone screen in the cold outdoors can become very light pale color, in fact, this is the TFT LCD screen inside the degeneration of the material has begun. If you really want to experience the following TFT screen, why is it called “LCD” screen, then put your laptop on the cold one night outside the bar, when the liquid into a crystal inside the screen, your screen may become a famous super-black crystal screen or a high-brightness screen, and no matter how frustrating it is you are always the same color. TFT screen for your health in the winter to give up using the laptop in an outdoor bar. Do not use the notebook outdoors in winter

second reason is the low temperature will hurt notebook battery. Most notebook computers are currently used lithium ion batteries, the battery has the advantage that the weight of large capacity, but also brought a very cold this shortcoming. General civilian capacity lithium in zero time will be reduced by 20% to minus 10 degrees when probably only about half capacity. The North’s friends all know that winter on the phone if I had not power the warm bosom of a warm can re-use for some time, this is because the battery temperature is too low because the result of a call on it out. This use of one or two may not have much impact on battery life, but a long way if you use the battery may cause permanent damage. Do not use the notebook outdoors in winter

third reason is that feeling is also uncomfortable also easily lead to misunderstanding. Ask yourself alone in the cold wind blowing, the stream of water into ice, lush trees into the light Dodo’s Shucha child, occasionally there are a few slices of dead leaves flying from side to understand your know that you have this hobby, do not know what you thought you were my wife drive it out of homelessness. Another great winter so cold, shivering in the estimates by hand, and little sister accidentally hit into chat: sister sister sister ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sister early morning ~ ~ am not eating!, Little sister, that quasi- you are not with the bust of stuttering increases. For their own health, for their own glorious image, winter or not to use the laptop outside the city good.

Taboo 2, preventing condensation of water!

Condensate formation because laptop just from the cold outside surface into a warm room have a big moment when the surface temperature difference, resulting in interior water vapor condenses on the surface in a notebook, especially the metal notebooks are more vulnerable to this phenomenon. You can not overlook the thin layer of condensed water, which a layer of condensed water may be completely broken the notebook’s heart. Condensate can be described as the logic, as long as the air of the reach of all possible condensate, including your motherboard, CPU and other important parts. These parts have a layer of water, what consequences might need me to say it.

In order not to generate the best way to prevent condensation notebook too cold, you may wish to buy a laptop within a cotton bag, do not mean old then, and buy themselves a lot of clothes but not for a notebook to buy, in fact, generally thicker cotton bag plus a wind within the cortex outsourcing at least guarantee that within two hours in the outdoor surface to prevent laptop too cold. Just enter the first room inside the package can be opened to allow notebook included in the package slowly heating up, it will not be instantaneous surface temperature difference, and therefore would not produce condensation. If you do not have cotton inside the package, you can enter the room, only to open the notebook backpack a small hole to allow air to flow slowly about to heat up, they do not have a huge temperature difference there will be no condensation in.

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