Maintenance and repair of laptop battery
Who does not want their laptop battery can be used longer and longer? Unfortunately, the battery is a consumable with a limited life. All important components in a notebook, the battery life is almost the shortest of accessories, but the correct way to use the appropriate charge and discharge, proper storage, will be able to significantly extend the battery life of notebook computers.
First, the good habits to cultivate.
Wanted laptop battery longevity, there must be a good start, a new laptop battery at the first boot with 3% of normal power, this time to not use an external power supply, the battery in the power exhausted, until the shutdown, and then use an external power supply charge. Even after the exhaustion of the battery charge, charging time must be within 14 hours, repeated three times, in order to fully activate the battery, in order to lay a good foundation for future use.
Second, the battery several attention points.
1. When using an external power supply may need to win to do the battery?
Long placed the notebook computer batteries, customers need not worry will lead to shortened battery life. When the battery charge to 100%, the charge control chips (FET) will stop charging the battery. Subsequently, the battery power will be reduced in the course of nature. When the battery down to 95%, FET will re-trickle charge the battery until the battery back to 100%. This product is designed to extend the natural life of the battery, so keep the battery placed in the notebook computer does not affect the battery’s natural life.
Of course, if when using the external power supply, you can take off the battery, will not be affected. However, if the shutdown status of the following, not connected to external power or battery installed, then the BIOS on the motherboard laptop battery will not charge additional power supply, resulting in the maintenance of the system clock can not run and maintain the BIOS information. The computer system itself should have an external power supply (including the DC adapter or notebook battery) case can continue to work; so whether the computer is turned on or off, if the laptop battery is not installed, even if not is use a computer, the computer should and external DC adapter (external power) connected. In addition, your data than your battery or your notebook is much more valuable, a sudden power failure has not only hurt your notebook, can not restore the data is too late for regrets.
2. Long-term need notebooks, how to save the battery?
We will face a period of time not to use laptop, the battery issue will be how to save. Is kept fully charged or discharged power save? Has been controversial.
Whether full or shine, in fact, is not correct, put long-term preservation photoelectric batteries will lose their activity, and even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and can not re-use, full power will bring long-term preservation security risks, the bestpreservation method is to discharge to 40% and then save, fear of high humidity and temperature lithium battery, it should be placed in a cool dry place, but the temperature not too low, otherwise the capacity will be greatly reduced, about 20 degrees Celsius is ideal for the preservation of temperature.
Read the following to clear the table: (percentage of initial value at the time relative to the percentage of saturation)
Storage temperature of 40% state of charge of 100% state of charge
0 degrees 98% (one year later) 94% (one year later)
25 degrees 96% (one year later) 80% (one year later)
40 degrees 85% (one year later) 65% (one year later)
60 degrees 75% (one year later) 60% (3 months later)
Obviously, if you want long-term storage battery, as far as possible on the dry and cold environment and let the battery charge remaining 40% of the ideal, of course, take the battery out every month with the best time, the battery can ensure the preservation of good state, but not so for the loss of damage to the battery power completely.
3. How to use the notebook as the extended use of time?
(1) screen brightness reduced. But power-hungry LCD screen brightness can decrease the extension of battery life;
(2) Open SpeedStep and other power-saving features PowerPlay. Now the notebook processors and graphics chips have lower operating frequency and voltage to extend the use time of the function, open the appropriate option to greatly extend battery life;
(3) notebook hard drive, it is one of the more power-hungry components, as long as the power in the state will write the program on the hard drive more visits, the more power the hard disk, so under normal circumstances do not large-scale software run on the hard disk, and do not use the battery in a separate case for disk defragmentation.Notebook notebook drive is power-hungry, full speed work than the hard disk drive under the more costs of electricity, but also have a greater heat, so when we do not use a long time ago when the CD-ROM disc is best to taken out from the drive. For frequently used discs, the best method is to use the virtual drive software to the virtual hard disk, this is the most energy efficient method.
Can try to install NERO DriveSpeed, PowerBooster other software can reduce the optical drive, hard drive speed, etc., can also effectively reduce the power consumption of notebook;
(4) external device. Like a pcmcia card, printer and other peripherals connected to the notebook as long as, if not the work of the notebook will consume electricity, so when we do not need to use these peripherals is best to take them down from the notebook. If you often do not use the port equipment such as modem, com port, infrared, wireless LAN, etc., preferably in the BIOS to disable it.
(5) software. Recommend using the battery, when fully functional, but do not use some very demanding on the system software. Customers often mentioned that playing games or watching online movies, 6-cell battery can only be used for about 1 hour Among In fact, this is a normal phenomenon, but also high expectations for the performance of the battery.
(6) heat. Surface cooling and notebook laptop power no connection, in fact, a very close relationship between the two. Notebook as smaller, requires its own cooling system to regulate the heat. When the temperature reaches a certain temperature the fan program started, it will naturally increase the notebook’s power, so long as we can help notebook cooling, control the temperature of the notebook, you can reduce the time to start the fan temperature control and, thus, can be extended laptop battery time. Notebook on how to make better heat dissipation, the specific can refer to:
(7) The use of standby, sleep and other functions. As a long time without a computer, allowing notebook standby or hibernate, saving power and prolong the life of the computer. WINDOWS of the power management in the program settings, we generally can be set to “Portable / Laptop.” Also suggest that you can display the screen saver properties set directly to “black”, and the wait time is set to 5 minutes, so that when we do not operate in the notebook for some time, it will be black screen directly, so other than the running screen saver to be more energy-efficient.

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