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Alamat Amanah Komputer PEKALONGANJl. Sulawesi No. 44, Kergon – Pekalongan.Jawa Tengah – Indonesia, 51113HP: 085-600-800-400Lihat Peta Amanah Komputer PekalonganAlamat Amanah Komputer KUDUSJl. Kampus UMK No. 5758, Dersalam – Bae – Kudus.Jawa Tengah – IndonesiaHP: 0856-0056-0055Lihat Peta Amanah Komputer KudusAlamat Amanah Komputer BUMIAYUJl. Lap. Asri BumiayuJawa Tengah – IndonesiaLihat Peta Amanah Komputer Bumiayu [contact-form-7 id=”5″ title=”Contact Baca Selanjutnya..

Maintenance and repair of laptop battery Who does not want their laptop battery can be used longer and longer? Unfortunately, the battery is a consumable with a limited life. All important components in a notebook, the battery life is almost the shortest of accessories, but the correct way to use the appropriate charge and discharge, Baca Selanjutnya..

Computer Repair: A Flourishing Business In this age of modern technology, computer and its related gadgets like laptops and notebooks are found in almost every house. Since their usage is immense so is their wear and tear. More often than not, we are left stranded due to some or the other problem related to computer Baca Selanjutnya..

Laptop Repair Advice for Home Customers Much like a vehicle, your computer will not work forever without some organized repairs and maintenance. While you make use of your PC at some stage you’ll experience data corruption, maintenance issues and virus infections. Data within the hard disk becomes ‘fragmented’, to put it simply information is saved Baca Selanjutnya..

The Most Commonly Computer Repair Issues When they were first presented, notebooks were often underpowered, expensive, and heavy. As technology has improved, modern notebookand laptops offer performance on par with today’s most powerful personal computer systems and are light and portable, making them very portable. With mobility and all the specs, though, issues can happen Baca Selanjutnya..

A Home Warranty Quotes Repair While you purchase a house, you are creating a conclusion to gift an extended amount of money. As your home is one of your greatest assets, you should make sure that it has adequate protection. Although home insurance policy covers a few matters, not everything in your house is addressed. Baca Selanjutnya..

The change in the Apple repair There are many benefits to your Apple computer repair performed in a facility that can replace just components on the Apple Logic Board. There are numerous vulnerabilities in Apple’s Logic Board. With a new Apple Logic Board costs hundreds, if not more than $ 1000 dollars then add on Baca Selanjutnya..

Alternatives to Branded Laptop Repair Toshiba, Dell, HP are the renowned names for most robust laptops, and where buyers of those names are always in the brand’ when they upgrade. And everything in the world needs repair and same with branded laptops. Everyone follows some basic attempts to fix the problems at users end, since Baca Selanjutnya..

Guide To Choosing Between A Laptop Vs Pc Repair If you’re having to decide between a Laptop vs PC Repair, perhaps the following thoughts will help. It all depends, of course, on what you want to do with your computer. If it’s used for applications that need lots of memory or bigger, high quality screens, Baca Selanjutnya..

Guide To Repair And Replace Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Screen Replacing a laptop screen sounds a lot harder that it is. If your laptop DELL INSPIRON 1545 LCD needs to be replaced, perhaps you won’t have to take it to a repair shop or, worse yet, have to mail it out to a repair shop. Baca Selanjutnya..